Today’s world you tell someone you’re unhappy with where you are in your career you’re told one of two things: Find a new job or follow your dreams and do what you love. Most people also have bills, mortgage, high interest credit cards, and car payments so they can’t really do what they love, so they find a new job. And you know what happens at that new job? Unhappiness, and the cycle starts all over again.

If you’re about my age then you’ve grown up hearing things like quit complaining, or that’s just life, or to just “man” up and keep going to this place that’s slowly vacuuming out your soul. These same people who taught us to suck it up and never call in sick to a job also came home and unloaded fifths of whiskey into their throats, beat their spouses, and called their kids worthless, so I’ll take my advice somewhere else, thank you.

The point I’m trying to get at is today’s generation is different. Millennials always take the shit for being entitled, lazy, weak, sensitive etc. Well it’s true for some, but what generation hasn’t had lazy people? Our generation is different, if we’re sick and not feeling well we’re calling in sick, if we are stressed out and feeling anxious we’re not going to drown it in whiskey and violence, we question it.  When we’re unhappy/unfulfilled at our jobs we quit and we do something we love. But what the hell does that even mean? Doing something you love.

I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but too much capitalism is just as bad as no capitalism at all. Yes we need hands to move boxes, and drive the trucks and cook the food but all that stuff is becoming automated anyway. In today’s world we don’t need another bank, or another e-commerce business, we need more art, we need more film, and we need more comedy, more writing, more plays, and more music. And don’t be afraid to make money from it! Don’t turn away the money that will come your way because I promise you people will pay for all these things. Use that money and create a small piece of a world you would want for yourself and for others. I’m not against capitalism, I am however against the idea of becoming a replaceable fuse on a grid.


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