Most of us seem to be in this never ending cycle of work, home, weekend, paycheck, repeat. 

Most of don’t know how to get out of it, we start thinking of what is and not what could be. What do i mean by that? Think about it for a moment, what do you want to do with your life? I mean really, what the hell do you want to do with your life? Dream and dream big it’s ok, logic doesn’t apply here, your parents words, your teachers words, none of that applies here. 

Do you want to write movies? Do you want to make beautiful art? whatever it is you want to do think about it. Do you have it in your mind? Now why won’t you do it? Let me guess. “I have bills to pay, i have a family to support, it won’t pay immediately, how am I going to pay (insert issue here)”? 

I know these things because i ask myself the same exact questions, but guess where i find myself? Back in the never ending cycle I was talking about earlier. You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take in life. Imagine standing in front of a basketball hoop with a ball and already talking about how you can’t make the ball into the hoop when you haven’t even shot the dam thing once yet! Yeah you might miss a few make a few, but how the hell will you know if you’re good at something if you don’t take the first step?

Take the first step. Remember these words. Do you still have that dream in mind from earlier? If not, bring it back into your head. What is the first step to that dream? There is a first step to every single thing you do and have done. When I was a kid I use to play this game on Playstation 2 called Dark Cloud, the story was that an evil genie had wiped out entire cities all over the world and it was up to this kid to restore all these villages and defeat the evil genie. The main character was this puny peasant farmer kid who starts off with nothing more than a dagger. As he progress’s through his journey he meets all types of people, he gains all types of knowledge, and weapons, he overcomes his biggest fears, and becomes both mentally and physically strong leading to the eventual defeat of the dark genie. 

So whatever it is you want to do with your life, take the first step. Want to become a filmmaker? Start writing the movie. Want to own a nursery? Plant a flower in your backyard. Want to start an online business? Read a book. There is a first step to EVERYTHING.

Imagine yourself as a video game character, you have this dream, this goal you want to achieve, but if you start thinking about the finer details of HOW to get to that dream, then you’ll find yourself not doing anything, not progressing. But if you just take the first step, you’ll find yourself talking to all the right people, finding yourself using all the right tools, reading all the right books. You’ll find yourself progressing.

-Sumit Singh Randhawa

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