If you’re reading this you are a filmmaker does not matter what level. From a simple Youtube video to a Hollywood production, if you write stories and record moving pictures, your a filmmaker. And if you have been paid, well congratulations your a professional filmmaker. 

You’re probably either beginning to write a movie, or you’ve shot a few things and even hit a few home runs by selling your stuff right? Now you’re here, googling how to come with film ideas only to come across link after link  of “Top 10 short film ideas”, or some long tactical B.S. article going into details “To understand the rule of thirds, visualize..blah blah blah”. 

Look if you’re a filmmaker you’ve obviously got a better imagination that a lot of people, but every now and then that imagination tap seems to run dry. Believe me, its not dry, you’re just stuck in your mind. Great film ideas are ALL around us, their within our parents, our grandparents, our friends, even in our situations. I know it’s all about writing what will make you the most money, but think about it, EVERYONE is doing that. How many more variations of a Super Hero movie can be made? Apparently a lot, but thats not what we’re doing here. What we want are original ideas.

These days theres a market for just about everything, believe me. If you can think of it, there’s a market for it out there somewhere. So stop trying to appeal to everyone and just try to appeal to handful of people. I know it sounds counterproductive, but what sounds better? 

Writing a script that you think will appeal to millions because thats what hot right now, only to have it dissolved with the millions of other similar ideas and vanish into the ether?


Writing an original story that only appeals to a handful of people that will guarantee its production and people will actually pay to come watch your idea come to life on screen.

I’m guessing you chose the second one. There are tiny little markets out there that are thriving because they’ve appealed themselves to a group of dedicated people that will guarantee their success. One thing thats falling out of favor with movies, but is gaining popularity with a different type of market is storytelling. Theres a whole generation out there of young entrepreneurs, businessman, filmmakers, artists, writers, poets that need some inspiring. Think about those people, what do you think they want to watch? 

Sumit Singh Randhawa

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