Have you entertained the idea of entering filmmaking? Then you and I are much alike my friend. But where to begin, right? If you’ve ever told someone that you want to write movies or make movies they usually get this bored look on their face and EVERYONE’S advice is to move to Los Angeles, and that’s pretty much what everyone is doing. Which might explain the traffic. 

The problem with telling most people about your interest in filmmaking is that it’s not what most people consider “normal”. When they hear filmmaking they immediately think of Hollywood and paparazzi’s and just assume you just want to become an actor and be in a movie. And if our thinking is anything alike then we know that is absolutely not what we’re trying to do or trying to be. Filmmaking is an art, it’s a craft and it takes imagination. Understandably there is much more that goes into filmmaking than just “imagination”, but in the early stages of this process, that’s just about all you need, or you don’t have anything. 

Another issue with talking about filmmaking is people most always assume it’s supposed to be a multi-million dollar 120 minute production with a red carpet premier in Los Angeles. Again with the Los Angeles! Moving pictures can be a 2 minute Youtube Video made with household props, or it can be a low budget short film. Doesn’t matter the length, the amount of money put into it, what studio is making it, who’s directing it, doesn’t matter! As long it has substance and an interesting enough story to hold attention, you got a moving picture. 

Another common thing that is heard among newbie filmmakers is that you got to know someone, “Oh good luck, you got to know people for that”. No you don’t, at least not in the early stages of this process, and by the way I’m talking about the infant stages of this process, this article is meant for us newbies who have been discouraged by people who have no idea what they’re doing in life, who have no goals, no direction. Some of you are already in the process, some of you have already written scripts, even sold them and possibly directed a few things, some of you are still thinking about it. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do, filmmaking, personal finance, whatever your field of choice. In these early stages you must first learn to filter out the noise, get a clear picture, and if you’re into filmmaking it won’t be hard to get a picture in your mind of what you’re hoping to accomplish. At this stage you must take drastic ACTION!  to get the movie of your life playing the way you want it, and you must write it and direct as such. The longer you sit around thinking about your decision, one day you’ll find yourself discouraging some young kid from reaching his dream. Don’t be that guy.

-Sumit Singh Randhawa

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