Ever feel like giving up? Of course you do, we all do at some point or another with whatever it is we may be doing at the moment. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about taking the first step, what an old playstation 2 video game taught me. If you’re new to my blog, i wrote an article about taking the first step towards doing the things you want and not worrying about the how just yet. I compared it to a video game character, in the beginning the character is usually weak and inexperienced with limited tools. As the game progress’s you find better tools, the character becomes stronger, you gain experience and so on.

So you’ve decided to take that first step toward whatever it is you want. Maybe you wrote down your goals, maybe you began writing at once, applying for that dream job, whatever it is was you took the first step. A few days has passed, your still excited but nothing has happened. A few weeks go by, maybe you started an online business and send out a few emails and have gotten limited to no response. Maybe a couple things have actually happened, but a few days pass and it’s back to silence. Yeah been there. In fact there right now.

At this point what do most people do? Keep going no matter what right? Thats what you’d like to think but truth is people just give up. I’ll admit to you that there are very few cases where you should actually give up, but just because people aren’t flocking to your website overnight because of some sensational idea you had doesn’t mean you give up! I’ve been on this journey for the past 4 years, and I’ve found myself back where I started multiple times all because I kept giving up. I remember in mid 2016 i had began a blog on fitness and it was actually gaining some traction but one day I just stopped. I got lazy, I started coming up with excuses, convinced myself it was just a bad idea it’ll never work and went back to work at a job I dislike. Thinking back on it now, going back and working a job I dislike was a much worse idea. How many of you have found yourself in a similar situation? Where you began something, it started gaining traction, but just purely out of laziness you gave up on it.

Sometimes yes it is just a bad idea, but bad ideas can be fixed. We convince ourselves that it’s a bad idea because we’re not seeing the results we want to see in the time frame we deemed necessary in our heads. Everyone has a great idea at one point or another, some people act upon it, others do nothing and watch it come to life through another persons actions. I’m sure you heard someone in your life say “I had that idea years ago”! Well since you did nothing now it’s not yours. The key to doing what you want to do with your life after you take the fist step is persistence. Anyone can come up with an idea, put it on paper, take the first few necessary actions, but your idea will vanish into thin air if you do not keep persistence. If you’re idea is bad people online will let you know….trust me. But if you’re idea is a good one, you’ll know that too, I can promise this, but it’ll get no where if you do not take action upon it EVERY SINGLE DAY. This idea needs to be in your head at all times. It’s like cooking a meal, you can start it and lure everyone in with the smell, but leave it sitting it’ll rot and everyone will be running for the doors.

Stay Persistent my friends.

-Sumit Singh Randhawa

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