A few days ago a co-worker and I were talking about energy drinks and I casually mentioned one that I commonly see at the gym. At the mention of the word gym I noticed her expression change for a split second, and then she laughingly said “I can’t do gyms, I’m a fat girl”. I laughed and the conversation continued on for a bit and life went on. But her words got me thinking.

I had not mentioned the gym in any type of bragging way, I just casually mentioned it in conversation without any harm. This wasn’t the first time this type of situation has happened, there have been similar situations where I mentioned the gym and the person kind of jokingly insult themselves about not being the gym type. What type is that exactly?

If you’ve been looking to lose some weight, or gain some muscle the gym is the place to do it. I’m going to tell you right now there is no other way to do it other than getting physical, and the gym happens to be the perfect place for that.

But the mere mention of the word gym makes people start labeling themselves!
“I’m not the gym type”, “I’m a fat girl”, or don’t forget the most popular one “I don’t have time for it”. Yes you do, it’s your health. So why aren’t you really going? Let me tell you a little story.

I first joined the gym on a whim back in 2010 all motivated thinking “YEAH! i’m gonna get huge”! And when time came to go the gym I forced a friend of mine to go on a guest pass, and we nervously walked around, worked out on a few machines which seemed familiar, then left only to never go back again. Sound familiar? It wasn’t until 2 years later I started going more often, but I remember one day having a panic attack parked outside in my car. I got so nervous about what other people will think of me, and how they’ll judge me or laugh at me for not knowing how to use certain machines. None of that happened. Ever. In fact, I learned so much about my body going to the gym, I met great people, made new friends, developed habits of healthy living which have guided me through many other aspects of life.

Healthy living and healthy habits don’t have to mean six pack abs, giant arms, small waists or whatever the bullshit you see on Instagram. Social media has tainted this lifestyle by pushing forth pictures of seemingly perfect looking people trying to make these strange diets and supplements appear absolutely necessary in living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t pay attention to that, if you’ve ever thought about going to the gym I will advise you to go, make it your goal to go. Don’t worry about the supplements, don’t worry about what you’re going to wear, and don’t even worry about what you’re going to do, if nothing just get on a treadmill and hit the quick start and walk for 20 minutes. Read this, go to the gym don’t worry about anyone else. If you know someone who has debating going to the gym or living a healthier lifestyle, send them this article and click link below to subscribe.

– Sumit Singh Randhawa


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