My wife and I have been noticing less and less people coming to the gym over the past few weeks. We all know why, the holidays are coming up, Thanksgiving dinner preparations, Christmas shopping, you know the drill. There’s hundreds if not thousands of excuses that can be made centered around the Holidays, but we won’t get into that. Coming up are the world famous New Years Resolutions, you know “new year, new me”! hashtag fitness goals! Right?
You reading are probably one of those people, if you are I’m just going to tell you to stop reading and continue what you’re doing. You’re not going to change.

Think about it. How many years have you made it your resolution to get in shape? Two? Three? Longer than that? This is a good time for gyms, they’re about to make a lot of money on memberships that will go unused. If you’re serious about change, then please read on.

I have my own theory of why people fail within weeks of their new years fitness resolution. The most common heard is that people don’t see results fast enough so they just give up, and bury their shame under a mountain of excuses. But there is so much more to it than that, when you want to lose weight, or gain muscle you’re looking for a change, a change in your appearance obviously. But why? Sure you have some idea, maybe it’s to be more appealing to the opposite sex, maybe your doctor told you for health reasons, maybe you’ve been in pain and some exercise will do you some good. Whatever it is, you’re looking for CHANGE, and when you don’t see that change fast enough you say it’s not for you and then give up.

Going to the gym requires consistency, it requires dedication and some level of humility. So does most things in life that truly pay off, like starting a business. Read that again, and make that connection. Anything that is worthwhile in life will require you to show up and take action, and be willing to get criticized and learn. When you first start going to the gym you’re not going to know what to do, you’re not going to know how the machines work, and it’s going to seem like everyone who has a better body than you is looking at you. FALSE! Stay out peoples way, be respectful of peoples space, if you don’t know how to use a machine ask. Do this daily, do this every single day, you’ll find that as the days progress you’ll learn how to use the machines, the people with the better bodies will become your friends and give you advice how to achieve similar goals. Next thing you know, YOU will become the expert, and one day YOU will be teaching someone how to use the leg press properly.

SAME LOGIC APPLIES TO BUSINESS! When you start a business, first you will know very little about anything. Just like in the gym you may know how to use a few machines you’re familiar with. But you show up everyday and keep producing content no matter what, regardless of seeing any results. JUST LIKE in the gym the first few weeks to months you see no changes in your body. As you keep going, you start seeing people with similar business doing so much better than you, just like when you noticed the big muscular dude in the gym. Eventually some of these business owners become your friends and start doing business with your or advising you to help you produce similar results. Exactly like when those people with better bodies became your friends and gave you advice to achieve similar results.

Growth comes slowly at first, but when it does its exponential. But it only comes with consistency, a willingness to learn, but most importantly and i cannot emphasize this enough. Action. No matter how many books you’ve read, no matter how detailed out you wrote your goal, no matter how much you wish, no matter how much the law of attraction tells you, nothing will happen without taking action. Thats why they yell ACTION, right before the camera’s begin rolling for a scene on a movie set. So with that said……ACTION!

– Sumit Randhawa

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