Not too long ago i was speaking to a co worker on a project I was working on. Normally, I never reveal these types of things, but I was surprised when I was met with interest. Days passed by and I would see this person and every now and then we’d chat about the progress of my project.
One day while we were talking he said something that threw me off my “high” for the project.
I was told that I should think smaller, start smaller, not reach for the big things first. This instantly planted a seed of doubt in my head and from that day on every time I began work on my project I started having all types of doubts and questions which caused me to just discontinue all together.

Thing is, it’s not the project I was doubting, it was myself. Since childhood anytime I dared to dream, it has been shredded to pieces, if i dare dream too big I have been told to tone it down a bit, or reach for something thats much easier or attainable. I know i’m not alone. This usually happens by parents or teachers who mean no harm at all, they are just teaching what they have been taught. They are casting their doubts in themselves onto you without even realizing it.

Remember on your birthday when you blew out your candles and your mom would say make a wish, and then someone would ask you what you wished for? Then before you can answer she’d say don’t say it honey or it won’t come true! That same logic applies towards your dreams and goals. Don’t tell anyone.

People have a tendency to shit on your goals even without realizing they’re doing it. Few people will actually try to tear you down because they just can’t see you succeed, but most people are just fucking stupid and will plant some sort of seed of doubt in your fertile mind. Create a vision for yourself and don’t be afraid to dream big. If dreams were easily attainable then they wouldn’t be dreams.

Many of us are in different situations, married, kids, old parents, job situations whatever. Take a moment only to reflect on yourself, your job doesn’t define your, your manager doesn’t have a say in your life, you don’t live for just your children or spouse. This is just you. It sounds selfish I know, but think about this, if you aren’t happy healthy, no one in your life will be either, it begins with you. Where do you want to live? What do you want to do with your life? Where do you want to go? Why do you want to do this? Write all this down, write everything that you want down, wether it be a living condition, material object, place, something you need changed this very moment.I don’t know you, only you know you and can answer all this. Write it all down and look at it. Carry this with you, it’s your map to life, think of it your little GPS for life, now you have an idea of the direction your going. But don’t reveal this to ANYONE, I don’t care how much you trust your best friend, your spouse, your parents, your kids. This list is for your eyes only.

When you reveal your list to other people, even the most trusted people in your life, they might do something that might plant a seed of doubt, Make some sort of quick second expression and say that it’s nothing, or just downright tear your dreams apart. This doesn’t mean that we hate our families and friends, this just means only we know what’s good for us.

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