A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a picture to his timeline. The picture was of him from a few years ago at the gym, the caption was something like “when i use to hit the gym hard, now I’m a chubster”. I’ve seen similar posts from friends, posts with captions like “back in the day” or “Now I’m old”. I’m 30, and most of my friends with who I grew up with are around the same age.

I don’t hear this kind of crap from just my high school friends on Facebook. I hear this everywhere, at work, at stores, at the gym, all from people that are just around my age. Yes you’re getting older but you’re not old. But past memories isn’t just what I hear about, I also hear these same people complain about how it’s too late to do something, or how they don’t have the time now because of their career. One way or another it always come back to their age. Now I’m just talking about people in my age range 29-31, and although I’m targeting men this information can be used by women just as well.

Age 30 is one of those strange decade birthdays, it hits some people before, it hits something people months after they turn 30. For me I don’t know if it hit or if its ever going to hit because for some reason I just can’t don’t give a shit, and you 30 year old men shouldn’t either. Most of you reading this probably have settled. Settled for a mediocre career, a mediocre house, and a mediocre family who will follow your exact footsteps unless you change. But let me guess you can’t change because it’s too late do what you want to do now right?

Because you got kids and have to provide for them so you settle for a shit job that makes you unhappy and miserable. Because you don’t have the time, well it’s dedicated to your shit job and any free time you have you spend it watching football and posting memes about it on Facebook. What is it really? From my research many men at this age find it silly to pursue what they really wanted to do all along. I’ll admit some of it is a little silly, but I’ll tell you it’s not too late for anything. This age is a new part of life, this age you should be killing it, you should be working harder than ever towards your dreams and goals. If you have kids look at their faces and use that as motivation, don’t let them repeat what you’re going through.

Dust off your list of goals, if you don’t have one make one. Ask yourself what you really want out of life. For some of you money and women are still a thing, so go for it, I’m talking to men who are chasing something much bigger than themselves. It’s bigger than money, it’s bigger than fulfillment, it’s bigger than anything you will ever know to be. I have no words for what this something is, but you will know it when you begin.

It’s not too late, you’re not too old. Take Action.

– Sumit Randhawa

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