t’s Friday night, the first Friday of 2020.
Usually I work out legs on Friday, but these past 4-5 months I don’t think I worked out my legs more than 3 times.

I work the nightshift, so these past 5 months or so I been sleeping in on my Fridays. Why not? It’s the weekend, I feel tired, I been working all week. Gym? It’s ok, I went all week this past week, what’s one day going to hurt. Well in those 5 months I chose to sleep in on my Fridays I got absolutely nothing done that day. Not only did i get nothing done, but the entire weekend was spent sleeping. A total waste.

Recently I heard Mel Robbins on Lewis Howes School of Greatness podcast. She talks about this thing called a 5 second rule she came up with on complete accident while her own life was in complete turmoil, and dam was it ever. Mel was on her way to a dream career and somewhere along the way shit just hit the fan. She was on her way to bankruptcy, divorce, drinking too much, you know, all that shit you do when shit hits the fan.

Mel was sleeping in and drinking way too much, and in her head she knew exactly what to do to fix her situation. She admits that nothing happened overnight, everything was gradual but it happened with one 5 second decision at a time. One day she was watching TV and she saw a commercial of some rocket ship blasting off. That gave her an impulsive idea to count backwards from 5 and leap out of bed the next morning. Since that one decision she has gone from alcoholism and liens on her house to…well I saw her doing backflips into a lake off a yacht on her Instagram, so I think she’s doing just fine.

The 5 second rule is this. Whenever you have an idea, or an impulse to do something that you know you should be doing that will progress you towards your dreams or goals, you count backwards from 5 and move your body towards that objective. Mel wrote a book, called the 5 Second Rule which goes into great depth behind the science of this rule and why it works. I listened to the audio book and in the past 48 hours I’ve noticed quite a bit of change in my life.

Now i’m not running any multi million dollar business’s or doing backflips of yachts, but today, on a Friday I got more done using the 5 second rule than I have in the past 5 months. I woke up when the alarm went off and it sucked, and it’s always going to suck, but i counted back from 5 and got out of bed and got ready for the gym. I got to the gym, I didn’t want to work out my legs, I counted back from 5 got out of my car and worked out my legs. Hell I didn’t want to write this! It’s close to 11 p.m. and I was sitting downstairs eating chicken wings and I realized that I had written on my planner that I’d make this entry. Guess what I did? I counted back from 5 got my ass up, came to my office and typed this out.

This isn’t some New Years Resolution bullshit, if you’re serious about change I recommend using this 5 second rule. But don’t take my word for it. Look up Mel Robbins, buy her book, listen to her talks, and listen to Lewis Howes school of greatness podcast.

Again that rule is whenever you have an idea or an impulse to do something that will progress you towards your dreams or goals, count back from 5 and MOVE your body towards the objective.

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