What is the path to success? Ask yourself, then ask your neighbor, ask a co-worker, ask your parents even. Ask them how to get there.
Just at the thought of the success most people think of that stock photo with the big house on the hill at night with all the lights on and the fancy exotic cars parked in front of it. Yeah that’s most everyone’s picture of success, and when you ask them how to get there it’s almost universally the same answer: “Study hard, go to college, get a good job”. That’s one path, but why isn’t everyone living in that big house on the hill with the fancy cars then? Because we’re going about it all wrong that’s why.
What even is success? The fun part of this is it can be whatever the hell you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be the big ass house or the exotic cars, it can be just be having a good job, no debt, and being able to travel every year. That’s nice. But my personal definition of success is not having to rely on someone else for a paycheck, and I’m sure it is the definition of thousands if not millions of others.
So how do we reach for that success? How do we get there? Because if you’re like me then you have a job, if you have a job you probably also have a mortgage, car payment, some credit cards, so how do people like us become successful? All those ads in the YouTube videos make it look so easy, all you have to do is just buy 10 real estate properties flip them and sell them for a million dollar profit. I mean c’mon, it’s so easy. Bullshit, I fucking hate those videos and those fake ass morons in their 40s wearing baseball caps telling you how to invest while getting out of their rented Lamborghini. Shut up.
Yes investing in stocks, real estate, precious metals, all that fancy fun stuff is a part of being successful, but like I said earlier, if you’re waking up in the morning to go to work and have no choice then you don’t need to be worrying about that at this moment. Learn about it, be curious about it, but don’t get sucked into that “shiny” aspect of becoming successful.
Most of us have been going about success all wrong, when we want to be “successful”, we get told by our co-workers to back to school because you’re still young and got time. But for what? To rack up some student loan debt and climb the corporate ladder to make a few extra bucks to get you nowhere? If you’re shitty with money now, you’re going to be shitty with it when you have more. So unless you get better with finances, there isn’t a dollar amount in the world that could fix your problems.
What I’m trying to get at is two things. The first being the average man’s thinking to success, the second being YOU. How YOU must unlearn everything it is you know about achieving success and grooming yourself for it. Here’s a littler story about a man named Average, Average Joe.
The average man’s thinking of success works as mentioned above, go to college, get a good job, save money. Let’s take an average 23 year man of today, he didn’t go to college but lands a job at a warehouse, he’s a hard worker so he gets noticed immediately and before long is promoted. Some years pass and this average man is having some financial problems, there’s not enough money in the bank, he’s not getting paid enough and often feels unfulfilled with what he’s doing with his life. He sees his friends family buying fancy cars, and big houses, he wants that, he wants to be successful. So in order to become successful average Joe enrolls in college and within a few years has racked up $30,000 in student loan debt, and has climbed the corporate ladder at his workplace. He is now making much more money than he was, he even enjoys what he’s doing, he feels important, and his company assures him that importance by giving him a nice office where he can hang his college degree.
Before long our friend average Joe begins having money issues again, but why? He’s making more now, shouldn’t his problems have gone away? He feels unfulfilled and doesn’t seem to be enjoying what he does. Again why?! He went to college to be successful, he should be happy now! Average Joe walks into his boss’s office, shakes his fist and demands a raise. He threatens if he’s not paid more he’ll go somewhere else, he has a college degree you know! The boss cannot comply with average Joe and average Joe takes on a similar job with another company. They treat him great! He’s paid way way more now! He and his college degree are much happier here. Average Joe feels great, the years go by and he gets married, they move in together, they have a child, they buy a home, they have another kid, and they buy a bigger car. The wife can’t work, now they got to borrow some money but Joes credit is all maxed out! What happened Joe?! I thought you were going a success?!?! Not too long, Average Joe is back in the cycle in which he thought he had gotten out of.
Average Joe took on a job he was unhappy with, he never bothered to address why he was unhappy, he started having financial issues, what was causing those issues? Overspending? Drugs? Alcohol? Never bothered to learn a thing or two about money or himself. Just that you’re supposed to have a 401K and a savings account and hope for the best. He wanted more money, he needed more money, but he didn’t know how. Get another job? Go back to school? We always hear about people going back to school and getting a better job so hey why not right? It’s what everyone else is doing, and everyone else is so financially literate and disciplined in their lives so why not take everyone else’s advice?
I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a similar situation such as our friend Joe here, you got caught in the rate race, and you want to be “successful” but you’re not quite sure how to begin, or even where to begin. I wish there was a step by step guide complete with business ideas, customized with the solutions to your problems. Unfortunately no such things exist, it can’t, and we’re too different, with different ideas, dreams, and goals. However the foundation is the same, there’s millions of designs to homes, but only a handful of ways to build a house. Same goes with success, millions of ideas of what it is, and what it means to people, but only a handful of ways to get there. What are those ways?
Let’s find out. My name is Sumit Singh Randhawa, in 2014 I set out to become successful while my life was in complete shit and on the verge bankruptcy. Life has gotten significantly better since then, but it isn’t what I want it to be. Over the years I’ve learned quite a bit but rarely have applied any of that knowledge into my life. I plan on changing that and teaching others what I have learned so they won’t repeat my mistakes and delay their goals. I would like to see more people become successful by having them move towards the things they love to do and have a genuine enjoyment for life. If you’re interested, then click the link below and follow along.
-Sumit Singh Randhawa


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