As we slowly move through the year I noticed the parking at the gym getting emptier and emptier. Why do people stop coming to gym? Why don’t people keep their goals? I asked myself the same question and remembered the first time going to the gym and one of the main reasons I fell of the boat.The first time I ever entered the gym was after 3 days of debating in my car parked right outside! I remember saying things like “I don’t even know where to start or what to do” then trying to convince myself to go inside with self talk like “you paid all this money, now go inside”! (my inner Indian). But when I finally did go inside it was a whole new world of torment. I was so nervous looking at all these people with tight abs and bulgy biceps just staring at me, judging me as I stood there trying to figure out how this machine works. They’re probably thinking “HAHA look at that skinny Indian everyone, he has no idea what he’s doing’!
Truth is they weren’t. They were actually looking at me because I was gawking at them like a dork, and they were probably thinking “What the fuck is wrong with that guy”?

What happened there was I had implanted in my head that I was going to get judged, and I thought about it so hard it actually happened, but not for the reasons I thought. We humans create these scripts in our head that our sub-conscious reads from, which causes it to manifest physically. For time I was working out next to a guy twice my size and all I could think about is how he’s probably making fun of much weight I’m lifting, instead he comes over and gives me a few pointers on the exercise I was doing, we end up becoming friends, and he gave me some advice that changed my life! Which we’ll get to another time. But before he came over all I could think was how he’s probably laughing at me which caused me to look nervous, instead he just came by to give me some advice. If its other people you’re worried about, remember the gym is a place to better yourself, that’s why we’re all in there in the first place. Its about you and only you not anybody else. DO NOT ever compare your chapter 1 to anyone else’s chapter 10, remember we all have to start somewhere. Some of the most helpful life advice has come from people in the gym who are in much better shape than I, so you never know what kind of advice you may come across, and who you may become friends with. Now you may be thinking “OK, that’s fine and dandy, but I still have no routine and any idea on how to use the equipment”.

Before I had any routine I just copied what everyone else was doing, or just doing some random exercises. For some reason I never thought to harness the power of technology and oh I don’t know do a google search for “how to build muscle”. Guys, the internet is an open vault full of information on routines, how to’s, nutrition guides, and excellent life advice to meeting your body’s goals, that’s how you’re reading this, right? Before you go on spending hundreds on a trainer and useless supplements just do a quick google search for routines based on your goals and you’ll be surprised on how much information you’ll run into. With ease you should be able to find how to perform exercises, how to use machines, what you should be eating, and what supplements you may need.

Please understand that not all information you’ll run into will be tailored to your needs, so take what applies to you. Lets say you’re someone who wants to put on 10 pounds of muscle, and you ran into a fantastic routine guide but the nutrition requires for the consumption of 4,000 calories a day! Just take a look at the meal guide and try eating 1000 calories a day and build on that. Lets say you want to lose 35 pounds, and you’re on a website that requires you to jog 7 miles a week. I say start jogging 2 miles a week, and build on that! Its better to start somewhere than just sit there dream about it.

This type of thinking and decision making can be applied to just about anywhere in your life. Your career, your business, your relationships, just start even if it’s the smallest thing.

– Sumit Singh Randhawa

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