The words stress and anxiety seem to be common amongst us Millennial. I am no different, I get stressed out, I get anxiety, but why? What are we so worried about? I was reading our generation worries about money a lot, we worry about our futures, and we lack decision making power. I agree with all those things, especially with the decision making, in fact that might be the exact reason why we’re so stressed and anxious all the time.

These days we have so much choice in career we don’t know where to start. Not too long ago it seemed almost impossible to do anything and today it’s just a matter of starting, and keeping consistent before you being to results. In other words things aren’t so hard to do anymore, making the decision of doing what you want to do however has become harder.

You can learn to start a business, learn to play guitar, take acting lessons, and get in shape all from where your sitting, so no shit things seem overwhelming. “Where the hell do I begin”?! you’re thinking.

Truthfully the answer is just to begin, it easier said than done, I know. But believe me, its just about beginning. Our generation has been taught to think linear, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, die. So whenever we begin to try something new we immediately begin looking for lists and formulas, not only do we begin searching for the finish line, but also for the starting line.

The starting line in anything can be found pretty much anywhere in this modern time. You want to write movies? You don’t need to go to film school, you need to just begin writing and be willing and open to learn along the way. You have a business idea you’ve been thinking about? You don’t need to take out a business loan, just start talking to a few people that you feel might benefit from your product and take it from there. But remember be open and willing to learn. You don’t know everything and truthfully you never will, and that is completely ok and half the fun.

We’re still a young, we still have quite a bit of life ahead of us, many decisions you make may not be the right ones but you will bounce back. Don’t remember the mistakes, remember the lessons, make the next decision and move forward. Anxiety won’t have time to catch up with you.

– Sumit Singh Randhawa

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