Why aren’t more people by their own definition “successful”. Since success means different things to everyone it has it’s own unique definition for each person. But why aren’t more people successful? Especially my generation.

Well there’s a shit ton of reasons but the most being lack of direction, our generation really has no idea where they want to go and are just blindly going about their days. It’s always a good idea to have some goals or aspirations but most of us are out of college, racked up debt and are now just surviving, not living. What now right?

I can tell you everything you’ve heard before, write down some goals, don’t live in an expensive city, don’t eat avocado toast, but I’m not a boomer so I won’t say that. If you want to do all those things fine, but don’t make excuses either, the government isn’t holding you back, your debt isn’t holding you back, it’s you and the choices you’ve made that brought you here.

So again why aren’t more of us successful? No goals, nothing to work towards, fear of failure, expecting instant results, and giving up. That’s why I’m not successful, and I’ll openly admit it. Once it was accepted changes began taking place, and let me tell you nothing was immediate and changes are still well under way.

When you first begin anything do not demand perfection, do not wait for something to happen, nothing will and that is  a guarantee. Nothing will come overnight, and most things will be a miss and the few things that are a hit will matter the most.

Tips to start becoming successful?

First accept things as they are, accept the cards you’ve been dealt with. Imagine life as a game of poker and sometimes with a shitty hand you have to put on your best poker face and push forward. Life is seemingly shitty now, but it’s only temporary and its all in your hands to change it, not just for yourself but for everyone around you.

Write down what you want to do, don’t be afraid of wanting to much, if it’s a thought in your mind it’s something you want. No need to create fancy vision boards with pictures of exotic cars and beaches, just write down what you want to do with your life and the type of circumstances you’d like to be in. You’ll see some changes were within reach and immediate while others may require some working and time. Be willing to accept failure but do not stop, keep consistent with everything you’re doing, doesn’t matter how bad it is now, it’ll get better. Do not demand perfection, it’ll be messy at first, be open and willing to learn, you do not know everything and you never will.

Lastly, just do it, just take action, just start doing whats on your list. There’s no need for meditation and spiritual mumbo jumbo or motivational quotes, that may come down the road later if you want, but right now you need to be taking action and moving your body towards the things you want.

  1. Accept things for what they are

     2. Write down what you want to do and what you want to change

     3. Begin taking action

Watch happiness and success take over your life

– Sumit Singh Randhawa

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