Have you ever called in sick from work? Doesn’t it seem like you’ve made yourself even sicker thinking about the phone call to your manager? And by the end of the call for some strange reason you’re feeling guilty and even consider going in. Why does that happen?

It’s because we’re conditioned to be that way from the moment we start to school to the moment we exit. Being late or being tardy is punishable by detention, making a mistake or failing to follow direction was reflected in your grades. Punishments were handed out in the form of staying after school, citations, work duties, suspensions, or even expulsion. We have been groomed to be employees.

Think about it. At work if you don’t follow direction you get write ups, being late is frowned upon, calling in sick is punishable, making mistakes or not following direction is frowned upon and can get you separated from your job. Am I saying we should be rebellious morons and just go run around lighting dumpsters on fire? Absolutely not. But I am saying we are a generation that has refused to sell our souls to our jobs. Millennials will not identify themselves with their careers, we will not move closer to our work and give out blind respect over nothing.

A generation before us gave out blind respect and did everything their management told them, lives were revolved around their jobs. Moving closer to work, buying cars specifically to drive to their jobs, kissing ass and moving up through the company hoping to one day sit in the bosses chair. I don’t know about you but that shit is stupid, and I know for a fact there are many people out there from my generation that can say that.

These days we have choice, so much choice we don’t need to stay at one place for 30 years hoping to earn a pension until death. We can do just about anything and be just about anything with just the technology we’re able to hold in our hands. Don’t settle for where you are, you don’t need to be there for the rest of your life.

Many people have been stuck at the same job that makes them incredibly unhappy because they feel stuck. People have mortgages, car payments, credit card debt all tied to their jobs making it extremely difficult to leave. Many of us are in similar positions, but it’s not impossible to leave, it never is.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled or unhappy at a job do not let anyone tell you that’s how it must be for the rest of your life, it’s not. Understandably you cannot always be happy with what you’re doing, even when you are engaged in what you love there will always be tasks involved that you don’t like. But do not ever let yourself feel trapped at a job, we are human beings, not fucking robots. My job makes me unhappy and I fucking hate it, but I am so grateful for it, why? Because now I’m aware and able to take steps to grow. 

Don’t be afraid, do not feel trapped. Unlearn every single thing you have ever learned from your parents, your teachers, every dam person who has groomed you to be an employee. It’s time to relearn the way you look at every single thing in life. Hard work is silly people who look forward to weekends to drink beer and watch television, if you’ve made it this far in the article you’re obviously not one of those people.

– Sumit Singh Randhawa

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