What kind of search results did you run into when you google how to be successful or rich? Find a mentor, streamline your income, be smart or some stupid list. I’m not going to get into what success is, if you’re reading this then I’m sure you already have your own definition of what it means to you. But are you successful?

Have you tried to lose weight or gain muscle and just ended up doing nothing?

Did you try and start a business and stop posting content after 3 days because no one seems to be responding? That’s my story and I’m sure at some point it’s been yours too.

By own definition I may not be a success, but if anything I’ve discovered a little formula that could assure it. Nothing magical, just being consistent and taking action. Simple.

I knew a girl who wanted to lose weight, she posted her goal on Facebook and she seemed super excited for her journey. For the next few days she continued to post about how excited she was to begin and how she bought all these “cute workout clothes”. The day she was supposed to begin her routine she posted she didn’t wake up to the alarm and that she’ll start tomorrow. Never happened, but she did have plenty of workout clothes.

People love to get excited about a goal and all the things that go with it. They see the results first and imagine themselves in situations that could only be comparable to whats seen on television. It’s exciting to think about starting a business and buying a domain name then posting absolutely nothing to it. It’s exciting to think about gaining a bunch of muscle, buying all these proteins and powders then going to the gym for 2 days. But why do we begin a goal to only to abandon it later? Did it even really mean anything in the first place?

If you’ve set a goal for yourself I’d like to believe that it’s something that truly want in your life, or else it wouldn’t be a goal. I wish there was an easy way for all of us to reach our goals and live fulfilling lives but that wouldn’t be fun. Before you begin anything remember there will not be an overnight success, nothing will happen tomorrow morning. But when it does it’ll have been because of your constant actions.

Begin your goal even it looks impossible from all directions, only you know what to do. Once you begin do not stop regardless of what happens, nothing will be perfect and don’t ever expect perfection. Things will be rocky, you might find yourself awake more often than not, there will be moments where you question validity of your skills and even your life. Do not stop, please keep going. Take constant actions every day to improve upon yourself, everything you do throughout the day put your best effort forth.

Again nothing will happen immediately, things will seem relatively the same around you, but keep it going. Changes come in “bite sizes”, sometimes you’re not even aware when things are changing for the better, and usually those are the best ones. 

There’s nothing that can stop you from becoming or being what you want. Life is difficult, it’s emotional, it’s saddening and angering. People will come and go in your life, family, friends, pets will pass. You’ll be constantly tested until the last day of your life, happiness is the needle in the haystack. Life cannot and will not ever be perfect and things won’t always go your way, but regardless of what happens throughout your life remember, action and consistency produce results.

– Sumit Singh Randhawa

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