It is 2021, I will not say anything about 2020. We are alive so let’s keep moving forward, let’s keep growing. You are going to find a lot of material on things you should or shouldn’t be doing in 2021. But all you really need is curiosity and growth. Remember learning to ride a bike or making the honor roll in elementary school? Remember that feeling of curiosity, wanting to learn to do something, and the feeling of accomplishment? As adults we do not have our parents holding onto the seats of our bicycles or teachers to hand out honor roll certificates. It is now up to you alone to progress, to continue growing throughout life.  

Think about it for a minute, you are getting older every single day, but you aren’t done growing, are you? You may have grown into an adult body, but life does not stop once you graduate high school or college. It is the New Year, a real popular time for change, but please do not let social media and television cloud your mind with resolutions nonsense. Think of this as like the ultimate beginning, does not matter if we are a few weeks in and you have not begun, or even gave up. You are not dead, if you fail today, get back up and keep going, you really have no other choice.

There are the usual popular resolutions, lose weight, workout, manage finances, the list goes on, and there is the first reason you fail or will not begin. You turned an entire lifestyle change into a list. Not to say you should not write down your goals, but when you view them as a list it narrows your view. You are hoping to cross things off one by one as you progress through your list. If you have your resolutions written down look at them, literally put the paper further away from your face if you must and realize that it’s all just one. You will see that most of things connect to themselves, what you must do is decide where you would like to enter. Instead of just thinking of it only as a list of what you’d like to accomplish, think of it as an entire change of life.

Let’s say your list of resolutions includes managing your finances to get rid of your debt, losing weight to look great for summer, eat healthier, read more, and improve your relationships to expand your social circle. Just so happens it all connects to each other; you just need to find where you would like to enter. This will be entirely up to you, what is the most important to you right now? Maybe it is to drop 20 pounds and get abs for the beach this summer. There is your entry point, so you join a gym and begin exploring the equipment and observing others working out. One day while working out someone offers you some advice on your form, and you end up befriending this person. With this person’s advice you drop 20 pounds and gain a set of abs. While this was happening, you find out your new friend is obsessed with keeping track of finances and tells you about a book that changed his life, so you pick up this book. After reading it you immediately decide to implement the knowledge and within a few months you are free of credit card debt and have a self-managing financial system that allows you to spend freely and explore healthy food options. Do you see where I am going with this? It is all connected, it is one big, massive change.

We usually have this set expectation of how things will go down in our head. While it is fun to imagine, our imagination subtracts pain and shoots straight to the results. When we go about achieving our goals and things hit the slightest snag, we scrap our goals entirely and bounce right back to our old lifestyle. One single failure should not be the end all things. If you finally want to see progress in your life and by the end of 2021 be able to tell your friends and family you actually kept your resolutions while they are talking about how next year will be their year, then do this.

Take your list of resolutions/goals and split them into 2 parts.  Lifestyle change, and measuring point goals, both are connected. Lifestyle changes are things like reading more, travelling, eating healthier. Measuring point goals are connected directly to your lifestyle changes and used to track your progress, and adjust your standards according to your accomplishments. Perfect example being in the managing finances, if managing finances is your most important to currently then use that as an entry point to your new lifestyle change. To track that you’re actually progressing you’ll set measuring point goals, for example if it is to pay down your credit cards you’ll decide how much money goes to the repayment of these debts. Then at the end of each month you’ll track your progress by reviewing your credit card statements and seeing how much you’ve paid down, and what cards have been paid off. This could be applied anywhere, take travelling as another example. If travelling more is your lifestyle change then set your measuring goals to all the places you want to visit and check them off as you progress.

And check this out, your travelling and managing finances is connected. You may want to travel more but cannot find the money, so learning to manage your finances, setting monthly savings goals to save up and visit the places you want. See?

So in conclusion, you want real change this year? Stop looking at your resolutions as a to-do list and look at it as entire change of life! Find your entry point, what means the most to you right now? What sticks out to you the most? What is causing that burning desire? Find it and stick to it. Then figure out some measuring point goals that will help you track progress through the year. Realize everything is one and connected, aim for changing your entire life, not just a tiny part of it. Your resolutions will not solve all your problems and issues, but rather help you grow into the person you’d like to be. At the end of the year after you’ve lived the life you have been dreaming of for so long, you’ll reevaluate your life, measure where you stand and aim even higher. Better you and you’ll better everything and everyone around you.

-Sumit Singh Randhawa

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