It is no surprise everywhere you look it is all about me me me, social media is overflowing with it. To be quite honest with you, I think they have the right idea, but only half right though. I really do think that you should treat yourself, care about yourself and put yourself first. But not in that stupid pour yourself a glass of wine because you work so hard. I am talking bettering yourself and bettering everyone around you.  You must put yourself first for many reasons, if your miserable and unhealthy you will never impact anything or anyone in your environment. You will only bring them down with you.

Everyone is wanting to be a success, but many do not realize the definition of success relies entirely on them. A few years ago, when I began my journey, I did what most people do and tried to copy someone else only to fall flat on my face. Do not try and be like anyone else. Everyone’s situation is unique to their lives, only you can control your life, and others can only teach you from their own experiences. Personally, success to me means bettering yourself every single day, from A – Z.

If you want success and true change in your life it starts off by getting to know someone who you spend a lot of time with. You. Accept who you are first and everything that is going on in your life, any issues your facing, any problems your having, accept it. Every stage of life will present its own set of problems, accept you will never run away from “problems”. Begin to implement small changes that are unique to your life to meet your definition success and standard of life, but do not try and change overnight.

In the past I have tried to redesign myself after seeing all those cool guys in fancy clothes on Instagram selling or investing in real estate, talking about staying constantly busy and posting hundreds of pieces of content a day. You know the guys, do not try and be them. You will end up playing yourself for a fool and feeling like a complete imposter. Change is supposed to be uncomfortable, but it should not feel unnatural. Be unapologetically YOURSELF.

Now I cannot give you an exact step by step detailed guide on how to completely transform your life and be a success, that would take multiple lifetimes. If you want to be a success but have no idea where to start, I might be able to help you there though. We are going to start with what we have been talking about this whole time, YOU. Do things better tomorrow than you did yesterday. I mean everything you can think of do better. Personal examples of mine are handling my daily interactions better, from work to simply shopping at the grocery store. I have always lacked in the communication department and I have been learning to make small talk with people and have been having a great time doing. What are some things you can think of you can do better tomorrow, or even today?

Do not overthink anything or stress about not doing something well enough or if you could have done something differently. Just make a mental note of it, accept what happened, and try do it better next time around, that is it. You are just exercising your brain and removing it from autopilot by becoming aware of your surroundings and waking up to your situation. Think of it as priming your mind for some real growth and success. 

When you are ready to make a real difference, and you are serious about it I suggest getting a notebook or journal. There are only so many mental notes you can make before you forget everything, so write it down. In addition to helping you remember, writing it down will help you track your progress as the days goes on. Again, do not overthink, just write, only you will see this ever. Do not worry about what to write, I will give you a suggestion, or if it looks pretty, do not worry about the grammar or spelling, just begin writing. Take 5 minutes daily to write a small passage about your current day, and what you are going to do tomorrow. That is all, only 5 minutes out of your entire day. If you want to change and live the life you always dreamt of, I am sure you will. As the days go by and the pages of your journal get full, you begin learning about yourself, think of it as writing a manual/almanac/biography about yourself. You will have your likes, dislikes, interests, how you were feeling throughout the year, what you want to do with your life, and what you have been doing with your life! All this will spill out in the pages in front of you. What begins to happen over time is you start creating an identity for yourself while simultaneously taking it on. This identity is unique to your life and situation. If you try to be anyone else other than yourself, you will never take on the problems that are unique to you, you will spend your entire life living a lie.

Accept who you are, accept everything that is going on in your life and realize you can never run away from problems. Do not try and be someone else when you can be a better you. Create a better version of yourself every single day by doing even the little things in a better way. Track your progress in a journal 5 minutes a day and do not overthink it. Over time you will take on a better version of yourself that will always continue to better itself automatically through life. You will understand yourself; you will know what you genuinely care about, and things you do not. You will see the things holding you back and breaking free of their hold to progress. It begins with you, better yourself, and you will better everyone around you.

-Sumit Singh Randhawa

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