Truly Does Begin with Your Thinking…

For the past 6 years I have been reading self-help books, following blogs and people on the topic of self-help/development. I watched those YouTube videos and read article after article on how to be successful, on how to be happy. How do you achieve your dreams? How do you get to do all those things you want to do?

All this self-help stuff comes in the forms of spirituality, you must meditate, love and hope and thinking yourself to success. You got your real estate guys, insurance guys, guys you are not sure what they do but you like what they have to say. Everyone is talking about all types of different things related to self-help and their industry.

No matter who you follow or what books you read the overall message always seems to be, is to figure out who are, then simply live it. It sounds so easy, so simple but so few of us are doing anything outside of mediocrity. Some days you begin your journey towards success, but it is usually scrapped after a few months, or it becomes something you will do one day. Although the message is simple, live the life you want, there is so much more to it.

I completely believe we all know what we should be doing every day to better our situations and get another step closer to living the life of our choice. In my personal case it would be to significantly cut back on smoking weed, focus on growing my website, write daily and face the fear of putting myself out there. I get could get into finer details of the exact steps I know I need to take to live my dream life, and that will be for another post. What is something that comes immediately to mind when it comes to change in your life?

We all have a voice deep within our mind, that voice knows right from wrong, it knows what is good for you and what is not, but all too often that voice goes ignored. We cave into our “surface voice”, our ego. This voice is so much louder and pushes you to do stupid shit you know dam well is bad for you and will get you nowhere. Most people function and live their lives listening to this voice, the egos voice. That is why so many people do the bare minimum in life and spend most of their time high, or drunk, getting fat watching entire seasons of TV shows online in one sitting.

How can you start changing your life? Begin listening to your inner voice, the deep voice in your mind that knows what is good for you. What is it telling you? Like I said, we all know what we should be doing more of and what we should be doing less of. Everyone is different we all have different wants, different needs and requirements. No one can tell you what you must do to change, they can, but it will always be entirely up to you on what you choose to do.

Below are just some things to help you start thinking, these are some things I have asked myself or just something from my personal life that might relate to you.

  • Do you have any vices? Drugs (weed counts), alcohol, caffeine, gambling?
  • Career Choices: What you do for work, how much you make, the type of work, the people you work with or for, are you living to your full potential at your current job?
  • Relationships: How is your relationship with your parents? Your spouse or significant other? What about relatives or friends? Co-workers? Managers? How do you interact with people in society?
  • Money: What is your spending like? What are you spending the most on? What is your financial situation like? Any debts? Could you earn more? Save more? Are you spending on things you absolutely love? Do you have money to cover an emergency?
  • Any business interests? Any career you have in mind? What are your skills?
  • Hobbies and Interests: What do you like to do for fun? What would you be doing on a typical afternoon if life were exactly the way you want it? What would your dream home look like? Your dream car?
  • Health: How are you feeling at this moment? What are you eating? How are you sleeping? Are you getting exercise? Could you be in better shape? Have you paid attention to your body lately?

These are just examples of things I have asked myself; this is to workout the cobwebs of your inner voice and have you face yourself. If you are being truthful you may not like some of the answers to these questions, but that is ok, accept yourself but be willing to change. Remember only you know what you want.

Let’s just say this is you:

You work a dead-end boring job where you dislike what you do and the people you work with. You have a steady paycheck, you have job security, and some benefits, but it does not matter. You go through life on auto pilot, every day seems like the last, year after year it is the same thing. Every day you go home from your job, get high, watch TV, complain about your life, and go back to your job, only to repeat the cycle.

You want more, you want to be rich and successful, you want to be able to do the things you want, do the things that are of interest to you. You like investing, and you like real estate, but you do not make much money and have a lot of credit card debt and spend a shit ton of money on weed and energy drinks to keep you awake. What should you do?

First, quit intoxicating yourself so heavily, set boundaries or quit altogether, if that is too hard seek help. Pick up books and focus attention towards learning about managing finances and setting up systems to rid of debt so you can focus your attention towards saving and investing. Soon you rid yourself of debt, raise your credit score, and save up enough for a down payment on your first investment property. You repeat this formula for some time, one day you find you no longer require the employment of your current employer as you are too busy working for yourself and on yourself. It truly does begin with the way you think.  

Apply this in your own life and see what you can come up with to change your life.

Listen to your inner voice, it knows best.

Keep Growing

-Sumit Singh Randhawa

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