What I am writing is not any magic, this is just how the Universe works.

Ever wonder why you have the thoughts you have? People may have similar thoughts but every single one is unique to you and your current situation. In other words, there is a reason you are having these thoughts. You were supposed to.

Within you exists two people, the person you are, and the person you want to become. Most of us stay the person we are because we are completely unaware of how to change, we just think we do. We are stuck in a pattern, in a rut, in a circle if you can imagine. No matter what you do you are doomed to do the things you do every single day until the day you die. Not to say you do not want to change, you do, but you will not. You even know how to change, you have the bare basics of how to do it, but have you? Mos likely not.

We are unaware of ourselves.

When you become aware of yourself and the little things you do the world sems to change. Some things you realize are fucking stupid and holding you back, other things you realize you should be doing more, and some things you think were good for you are actually horrible. When you become aware you connect things together, you see the relationship between situations and events better.

So, when you want to change.

You must change your pattern by becoming aware of it, become aware of the things you do. Is it easy? Absolutely not, it is difficult. Why? Because you must be truthful with yourself and people suck at that. But for those of you that are truthful with yourself, here is a bit information to become aware, scratch the pattern of daily behaviors, and start changing into the person you want to become.

You have a considerably basic idea of the person you want to become, and you can be that person or else you would not have those thoughts. I assure you.

Write down a description of that person, does not have to be an essay or it can be, could be a sentence.

What does that person do that you are not doing right now? Be brutally honest. It might hurt, and it should.

The answers you write down are your own, they are what you are doing right now, everything that is happening is unique to you. Remember unique, not special, you are not special compared to anyone else in the Universe and no one is any more special compared to you. You are just you. Your description of the person you want to become is formed by collective thoughts and experiences over your life, there is reason you want better for yourself, and those thoughts about a better situation or becoming a better person are not out of reach for you. Those thoughts belong to you, they are you, and at this point the only thing left to do is act on your answers. You must take action now.

Keep Growing

Sumit Singh Randhawa

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