I want to quit weed.

Weed is awesome, do not get me wrong, I love the way it makes me feel. There is nothing quite like that first hit of the day after work. You get home, change your clothes, pour yourself a nice cup cocoa or whatever your routine, then load up that bong for a nice fat hit. You then nearly cough up a lung and watch a movie for about an hour before crashing out in bed. Sounds nice right? But what if you were doing that every single day for the past 10 years? Still nice? I do not know.

Life’s good, married, got a good job, go to work every day, you might say I am a productive human being. But life is mediocre, it has been the same thing over and over for the past 10 years, things have changed externally, but internally things feel missing, they feel incomplete, like there is supposed to be something more. Do you feel like this?

Do not get me wrong about weed, I am not saying it is bad, but I am saying it kills your ambition, it kills your motivation, and it will hold you back. Weed will do what you want weed to do, if you smoke pot and make millions from the stock market, great. But if you smoke pot and feel tired, sleepy, relaxed, and not wanting to move, then you are not going to conquer your goals.

I will give you an example, maybe you can relate.

 I will think of an awesome idea, maybe a business idea, a movie idea, story idea, something I wanted to post on social media. Then I decide to get a little high to elaborate on this idea, after smoking I just find myself over analyzing the idea or thinking how stupid it is and what other people will think. I will never know what other people will think because I never acted on the idea, instead I just got high retreated into my head and carried on with my life of mediocrity.

Stoners are some of the smartest fucking people you will ever meet because they are obsessive, and that’s usually the type of personality that develops an addictive personality towards weed. Have you ever tried to quit? What happened? I bet you took your “last hit”, and claimed this is it, never again. Then about 10 hours later you are sitting there on the couch thinking about how today you have quit weed and must not smoke, then within a few minutes you are on the way to the dispensary to pick an up eight. You were obsessing about weed, it is on your mind.

So, for those of us attempting to quit. Get obsessed with something else.

Now that is going to be difficult as fuck, know why? Because chances are you been smoking for so long now you have no idea who you are. You probably started smoking when you were in your teens, and now you are in your late 20s early 30s, and you been doing the exact same thing for the past 10-15 years. Deep within all us stoners lives that little teenager who started smoking pot years ago, we have got to let that kid go now. You are not completely lost though, you have an idea of who you are, the image is just foggy from the years of smoke. You probably have difficulty in believing who you want to become so, you just settle for who you are now. A boring mediocre person with a middle management job in the suburbs. Ah, the American Dream am I right?

I do not know what your situation is or what you think of yourself, I will tell you though that you can be whatever it is you want to be. Your thoughts are unique to you, whatever you want to be is unique to you or else you would not be having those thoughts. At some point you planted a seed deep within your subconscious mind of the person you want to become, that seed is now growing and that is what lead you to this post. Weed is becoming more and more acceptable in our society, and to be quite honest it should be, who are we to say what people can put in their bodies? But for a handful of us we know it is becoming a problem and it’s getting in the way of our dreams and goals. Your brain knows exactly how to achieve the things you desire, and if you have been thinking about quitting weed for some time now, I will tell you that is the very first step in achieving your goals. Listen to your mind, listen to your body.

Keep Growing.

Sumit Randhawa

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