At some point or another you are going to decide to quit weed. Why? We all have our personal reasons and you have yours, but we have something in common. Usually, we want to quit smoking weed because it is just no longer fun, it is no longer doing what it once did, it just now dulls out any feelings and senses. You use it to deal with the stresses of life and work, someone makes you upset you go have a bowl, have you solved the underlying issue? No. After you sober up that person is still going to be there, that situation you floated away from is still going to be there. At some point or another you are going to think about your overall life because 10 years have passed by just like that and you are still the exact same person.

You might have had some goals you thought of years ago that could have been accomplished by now if you had just taken action, and that’s the secret sauce behind it all. Just take action dammit.

You can only take in so much information, but what good is it if you store it all away in your head? There are really no guides, no groups, and a limited amount of information available online for quitting weed. It’s seen as such a mild thing that people actually laugh if you tell them, you have trouble quitting weed. They will tell you the same recycled nonsense they have been hearing themselves “It’s not addicting bro, there’s nothing addictive about it”. Well gambling is an addiction, some view sex as an addiction, so how come weed is not viewed as addiction?

This type of attitude from society does not really help, not saying we need to set up rehab programs for weed or enforce stricter laws, that would be stupid of course. But we should recognize it is an intoxicant, it does dull senses and makes a person function at half capacity. Some folks severely need it for pain reasons, but chances are you reading this are not of those people. And if you are, have you really tried every possible conceivable solution to your pain or are you just saying that? Again, maybe you really need it.

Personally, I smoked for “anxiety” which is purely stupid because I find myself more anxious than ever after getting high. “You are smoking the wrong strain bro”, yeah ok shut up.

Anxiety is something that is encoded into our lizard brains, it is what helped us survive for however long we have been around. Anxiety is what kept us monkey people from being eaten by saber toothed tigers. Notice when you are anxious you want to just get away? Should you really be suppressing that feeling or maybe exploring it? We do not have to worry about being eaten by giant tigers and live relatively safe, so instead of dulling your anxiety with weed, explore the feeling.

Maybe your job sucks, maybe you hate your boss, maybe you are not happy with how much money you make, maybe you do not like where you live, maybe you do not like what you have done with your life. So, what do you do? Address the underlying issues and make the necessary changes to become a happier more productive version of yourself? No, you just go and take fat bong hit to the dome and watch shitty buddy cop movies from the 90s.

If you have been smoking pot for a long time like I have, then you have tried to quit a few times over the years. You lasted a month or two maybe even longer, but then thought to yourself “I got this, just one puff”, which leads to “Only on the weekends”, which leads to where you are today. Smoking pot every single day, and have gotten no where in life. This time it can be different, you have the information in your head to quit, deep within you know what you need to do to quit, and it will not be as hard you think it is. But you will achieve no results without action. Until next time.

Keep Growing

Sumit Randhawa

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